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About the Book

We are indeed honored to be able to share with you, the messages and wisdom of our Tree people whom we call, “The Sacred Warriors of the Earth.” Our Tree people do speak and always have. We, the people, must merely relearn how to hear them. We have been speaking with them for quite some time now and have worked with them extensively, in the creation of this book. What we can learn from these Sacred Warriors is truly endless and while there is an infinite amount of wisdom that they could share, each one has chosen a specific message for us.


The connection to the, “Natural World”, which is our natural state, has diminished significantly over time.  Our Ancestors had and understood this connection. They lived on and with the land, understanding that everything was connected to all else. This knowledge, this state of being, is the place that all people must return to. It is important that the people understand once again, that everything has intrinsic value, a place in this world and that there is a balance that must exist between and among all living things.


These Sacred Warriors give so much of themselves and truly desire, to once again be recognized. This book is specifically structured, starting with a description of each tree, followed by the Warrior Wisdom or the message they have chosen to give us. They were adamant that one could not understand their message without first understanding them. In saying that, we highly recommend that each part of the book is read. The chapter and stone assigned to each Tree person, was intuitively chosen using a deck of Oracle cards, which too was part of their instructions. This was truly a labor of love for us, on behalf of those we love.


Come take a walk with us through the homes of our Tree family. Through the mystical forests, the deserts and the swamps we will travel and learn about a forgotten people. Hear the whispers of their ancient wisdom. Feel the love and compassion they have for us. Allow them to teach, “A way of being”, that will facilitate a new perception, sensitivity and understanding of our world and all those we share it with.


Blessings to you.

Tara & Grace

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