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There are many ways to help our Tree Friends and the Planet

Project 1. Plant a Tree

From a tiny seed a mighty Tree Warrior may grow.

Plant a seedling or a sapling.  Make sure to do your homework and find out which Tree Friend will grow best in the space you have chosen. With some Water, Love and Tender Care your seedling/sapling will Grow into a Sacred Warrior in no time. The local wildlife will thank you as well.


Project 2 Give a Tree Friend Love

Trees give so much to us. Be it the oxygen we breathe, wood, shade, even the fruit we eat ... to name a few. We can show them appreciation for all they do too.

Consider gifting a Tree Friend a token of love in the form of a Crystal, or simply send a Tree Friend Love.

To send Love...  connect with your heart and its surrounding area by placing your hand over your heart. Bring up the FEELING of Love, Gratitude, or Compassion and REALLY feel it. You can do this by thinking of someone you love or a happy memory. Then imagine your heart taking a deep breath in, and on the exhale, send those Loving vibes out to the Tree People of the Planet.

nature conservation , save the planet
Project 3. Conservation

There are many things we can do to conserve our Trees such as: 

Not purchasing products made with Palm oil

​Use paper wisely - If paper is used flip it over and use the other side

Pick up litter in nature and on the street. Help put it in its proper place

Share, Borrow, and Donate Books

Make your own compost and add it to the soil. The Trees will benefit from the enriched  environment

Drink your coffee in the cafe in a real cup or bring your own travel mug 

Use less paper towel and kleenex ie. 1 square as opposed to 2 or 3

BYOB - Bring your own bags to all stores

Use recycled or tree-free toilet paper.

Pack your lunch in a lunch box instead of a brown paper bag. 

There are many other ways to help.  Although Tree People give of themselves so freely, less paper products used wastefully means more Tree conservation. Go through your home and see which conservation methods you can incorporate into your life and feel free to add your own ideas to the list.

The Tree People and Our Earth Mother Thank You.

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