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Wildfires are one of the leading causes of death for the Tree People.

The frequency of western U.S. wildfires has increased by 400% since 1970. California, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico experience the worst damage. These fires have burned six times the land area as before and last five times longer. Their fierce temperatures consume all nutrients and vegetation, leaving little to grow back.

As of July 3, 2019, there were 20,038 U.S. wildfires.


What you can do.

Every year, countless acres of forests are burned because of human carelessness. To help prevent fires in or near forest land during the forest fire season, the following steps should be followed:

  • Check local regulations regarding permit requirements and "burn ban" restrictions. These are available from your municipality, fire department or department of natural resources. They may include:

    • Obtaining a burning permit for burning grass, brush, slash or other debris in or within a prescribed distance of forest land;

    • A campfire permit and the landowner's permission for an open campfire, cooking fire or bonfire in or near forest land;

    • A work permit for any work in forest land involving two or more people.

  • Burn only natural vegetation or untreated wood products.

  • Burn piles are at least 50 feet from structures and 500 feet from any forest slash.

  • Clear the area around the burn pile of any flammable debris.

  • Keep firefighting equipment handy - a connected water hose or at least five gallons of water and a shovel should be nearby.

  • Don't burn if it's too windy to burn - if trees are swaying, flags are extended, or waves appear on open water.

  • Be prepared to extinguish the fire if it becomes a nuisance.

  • Attend the fire until it is completely out.

  • Smoking should not be done while moving from one place to another in forest land. Make sure your butt is out - "dead out!"

  • Power saws must have a proper muffler and be accompanied by a round point shovel or fire extinguisher.

  • Cars, trucks and machinery must have proper exhaust systems when operated in or near forest land. Exhaust spark arresters are a requirement on certain machines.

  • Know your local emergency telephone number if a fire becomes uncontrollable.

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