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Tall and strong
We stand in stillness
As we wait 
For the winds
To blow through us

And to the sky
We reach
In wait 
For the kiss of the sun 
That bathes us
In its golden light

And deep 
Below the earth
In vast networks
We stretch
In pursuit
Of that which
Quenches our thirst

And we speak
To those
Who can still hear us
Sharing the wisdom
Of the ages
Gone by

Ever Grateful
For the touch
Of the hands
Of those
Who see us
And answer our call

And to these
We give our protection
And the strength needed
To stand strong
Through the storms
Of life
As we do

Our arms gently nestle
The winged ones
Who build their homes
Of grass and twigs
In circles of life

And together we wait
For the sounds
Of the newly born
To break through
The shell of silence

And we are home to many
Who climb within us
While others rest
Beneath our boughs

Sheltered and protected
We keep them all
In the seasons of time

And to you
We give the air you breathe
And shade
From the heat
Of the day

Food to nourish you
And the beauty
Of the Autumn leaves
To light the darkness
And give warmth
In the cold 
Of the night

And ultimately
Our supreme sacrifice
Is that of our lives
To build that
Which shelters you
In the seasons of time

We stand strong
Sacred Warriors of the Earth
Honor us, as we have honored you

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